Health Center

Guests can enjoy a hot tub and an infra-red sauna free of charge. It’s possible to book a massage at reception or at


It is possible to book a massage at the reception desk or via We offer 30, 60 and  90 minutes massages for both guests of the hotel and non-guests.

Hot tub

Access to the hot tub is free of charge for guests of the hotel. Non-guests who walk, run or bike to the hotel get a special discount to the hot tub and sauna.

Infra-red Sauna

We offer an infra-red sauna. The infra-red rays warm the body directly with deep-heat which has many health benifits. The rays penetrate 4-5cm into the body and stimulate the inner tissues and organs. The body thus disposes of toxins otherwise difficult to get rid of such as cadmium, nickel, lead and chloride. These generally accrue in the kidneys and under the skin but are rinsed away with use of the infra-red sauna.

Effects of the rays include:

  • Reduce inflammation swelling in the body
  • Releses toxins from the body
  • Reduces pain in the body
  • Increses flexibility
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Increases oxygen circulation in the body